Friday, August 20, 2010

Trestle & Turntable

I’ve now started the planning stages of the main control panel and wiring, and have purchased more than half of the components. I plan to build the unit out of wood, covered in aluminum cladding. I’m still not entirely how it will look, but I’m going for an all-in-one unit with all of the switches, lights, and wiring, which will fold somehow under to table to hide away when not in use. I’ve also painted the turn table to make it look a little more unique. I also stained the trestle a dark, rich brown colour. I used a toothpick to paint on little bolts.

Painted wooden train trestlePainted atlas turntable

I have also completed further testing and all the layout works great. The cab and cars I have are absolute crap; however they run smooth, so once I get brand new cabs and stock, I assume they will work even better.

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