Friday, July 16, 2010

Planning With Track Templates

Once my base table was completed, I re-applied the Atlas track templates back onto the table so I had a good approximation of how my final track was going to fit.

Atlas track templateAtlas track template on new benchwork

I then cut my side and back scenery walls to a size that seemed appropriate for what I was trying to accomplish. At this point I still am not exactly sure what I am going to use for a back drop, however I left plenty of surface area if required later. I then simply screwed the pieces onto the sides of my bench, using metal bracers where the panels joined together.

Atlas track templateAtlas track templates

After the side and back panels were attached, I used the track templates to plan the different elevations that were going to be required for the layout, as there were several hills and ramps. I visualized the different elevations I wanted and marked them out directly onto the table (as pictured below). These sections would later be cut out on a separate piece of plywood and attached with risers to their specific heights.

Atlas track templates

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