Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canada Day Long Weekend - Part II

The next section that I wanted to complete was the stretch of track that would travel down from the trestle, below the main line, and loop back into the front switching are. This section will be part of a tunnel in the future, so I decided to complete it now before I did too much work on the tracks above it. The foam roadbed was the first step after planning the track path. Once again, I used thumb tacks to hold the roadbed in place while the glue dried.

Left tunnel foam trackbed installationFoam trackbed installation

At this time I also installed the segment of roadbed for the section that will travel from the front staging area, around the lake area and up onto the mid-section of the layout. This will cross the part of track that descends from the trestle at a 60 degree angle.

Trackbed installation60 degree rail crossing construction

Construction of track on right half of layout

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