Monday, July 19, 2010

Wooden Trestle

After a week, I finally completed my trestle. I built it using ¼” and 3/8” square doweling rod purchased from canadian tire. I first traced on a large sheet of paper the track curve, as well as the location of the tracks that would pass below. From this, I determined the measurements as well as the location of each pier. I built the deck of the trestle directly onto the drawing that I had made, using this as an exact guide for placing the pieces. This was, in my mind, the best way to keep everything accurate. The piers had to be on a sharp angle due to the two tracks passing below, so extra support had to be given to the trestle deck in some areas. I finished the piers with 1/16" cross supports, as well as a bed for the 18" radius track to sit on. Even thought this is not the most prototypical trestle, it still looks good on the layout and fits the track perfectly.

Unpainted wooden train trestleUnpainted wooden train trestle

New unpainted wooden train trestle

By this time I have placed all of my track bed with the exception of the front staging area. I just want to be sure of my turn out positions before I glue anything down permanently. You can finally get a good idea of how everything is going to look in the end.

Almost completed roadbed with new trestleCompleted railbed on left half of layout

Unpainted wooden train trestle

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