Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cookie-Cutter Benchwork - Kind Of

The main benchwork elevations are complete! To get the actual sections to match my original planned elevation sections (which I marked out earlier on the table), I first took large sheets of news print and laid them out to cover the entire sections. The paper was thin enough that I could see the lines I drew beneath it, and thus traced the sections onto the paper. I then cut the sections out and re-traced them onto a new sheet of plywood. Using a jigsaw, I cut the sections out, which all then matched perfectly on the table. I then attached the different elevation sections on top of scrap wood risers, which were cut to certain widths depending on the height I needed the section to be.

Benchwork track and terrain levelsBenchwork track risers

Benchwork track and terrain levels

You can see that the majority of the layout is raised to a certain degree, with really only the very front section on the base level. The back section is raised 3 ½” to allow for a double-mountain tunnel, as well as a bridge and trestle. The left half of the layout is raised 1 ½” and acts as an elevated half way point for the descending track from the trestle and the climbing track from the lake/swamp area. The top right area has a raised section leading to the start of the future trestle.

Left benchwork track risersRight benchwork track risers

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